Brunswick Town Council Special Meeting 6-26-23



99. Adopting "A Resolution Authorizing the Transfer of Funds Between Municipal Departments, Offices, and Agencies" 00:01:57

100. Adopting "A Resolution Authorizing the Encumbrance and Carry-Forward of Funds Appropriating in 2022-23 and Carried Forward to 2023-24 for Purpose of Developing a Master Development and Management Plan for the Combined Former Maine Gravel Services & Captain William Fitzgerald USN Recreation and Conservation Properties" 00:05:27

101. Close fiscal year 2022-23 00:07:45

102. Appointment a replacement member to the Climate Action Plan Committee and Recreation Commission 00:08:00

103. Authorize an application for a State of Maine Governor's Office of Policy Innovation and the Future (GOPIF) Grant to fund a portion of the Maquoit Bay Water Quality study 00:10:37

104. Approval to close Town Hall on Monday, July 3, 2023 00:12:46


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